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plane cockpit and blue sky

Editors' Note: This afternoon, May 28, 2015, Albert Einstein College of Medicine will hold its 57th commencement at 3 p.m. at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall. This is the second of two posts profiling students who've taken unique paths to Einstein and found great opportunity once here. Congrats to all graduates!" Every morning, after I listened Read More

Courtesy: US Air Force

She still calls me, even though it is a long-distance call from Jamaica. She feels much better after a lifetime of unexplained feelings of panic, racing heart and sweating. The former nurse I helped care for at Jacobi on my third-year medicine rotation had finally been diagnosed and treated for a pheochromocytoma (a tumor of Read More

Department of physiotherapy at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital (SRRH) in Soroti, Uganda

Editors’ Note: This summer, six students from Albert Einstein College of Medicine will travel to Soroti, Uganda, to treat diabetes as part of Einstein’s Global Diabetes Institute (GDI). During this period, we will run a series of posts detailing their challenges and progress. In this post, the institute’s program manager, Anneka Wickramanayake, explains the missions and Read More

Dr. Michael Lipton studies effects of subconcussive injury from soccer heading

“I feel … as sharp as I’ve ever been,” remarked a pensive 24-year-old Chris Borland. Having barely begun his NFL career, the San Francisco 49ers linebacker looked back on his two prior concussions and saw a future devastated by degenerative brain disease and an end before his time. On Monday, March 17, 2015, the promising Read More

ECHO Clinic Multimedia

For many students, volunteering at the Einstein Community Health Outreach (ECHO) Free Clinic is the first time we get to palpate an abdomen, listen to abnormal heart sounds or even learn to draw blood. These are skills required for us to become physicians, but learning these skills isn’t the reason that most Albert Einstein College Read More

Sad Woman on edge of bed with her partner in the background

Thankfully, many medical conditions that once were never discussed in public, such as cancer, AIDS and even infertility, have largely shed their stigma and sense of secrecy. Miscarriage holds an unusual place in medicine in being both common and something that many in society thinks is rare. One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage and there Read More