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An arm being sprayed with mosquito repellant to prevent zika

Six months ago, few people had heard of Zika virus. Now, not a day passes without new revelations about the virus. Let’s put Zika virus infection in some context. John Donne wrote, in the 16th century, “No man is an island.” Aside from the fact that we would now want Mr. Donne to say “no Read More

Close up on the hands of a doctor offering the choice of a healthy granola bar or a chocolate bar

Get 10 registered dietitian/nutritionists (RDNs) in a room and the chance of us “talking shop” is virtually 100 percent. While there’d be a robust debate about some subjects, we’d all agree that the question we get more than any other from the public is, “Is this healthy?” and various iterations of the same. Many consumers Read More

Image of a microphone in front of large crowd

What do the following stories have in common?  According to the Centers for Disease Control, endemic measles was  eradicated from the U.S. in the year 2000, the result of decades of vaccination efforts. But the last few years have seen a dramatic spike in the number of nationwide measles outbreaks, attributed in part to rising Read More

Dr. Lisa Shulman - Still from Baby and Toddler Milestones video

When I was much younger and trying to decide what to do with my life, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. That changed the day my high school civics class held a mock trial and I was selected as the “prosecutor.” Almost immediately, I discovered I didn’t have the makeup to be a Read More

A deviced used to vaporize mercury in the

I first became interested in the history of medicine in middle school, when my seventh-grade science teacher lent me her copy of Microbe Hunters by Paul de Kruif. It is a small book, focusing on the struggles and discoveries of early microbiologists. Now, as I write this post, my own old, battered, well-thumbed copy sits Read More

Dr. Alex Novikoff  (circa 1962)

People believe that the process of becoming a physician is the natural reward for those who have an aptitude in science and a willingness to work hard. For many of us, however, it’s not always that easy. Along the way to realizing our dream, some of us wind up hitting a pothole or two. When this happens, help Read More