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Potions in bottles on a table

There’s not a doubt in my mind that the biggest infectious-disease threat facing humankind in the not-so-distant future will be microbes that are resistant to all antibiotics. This fearful development will return us, essentially, to the pre-antibiotic era, when death from bacterial infection was commonplace. Antibiotics have proven their worth­­––saving millions from potentially deadly streptococcal Read More

Mother and daughter with doctor in the physician's office

Editors’ Note: Last week, Einstein neurodevelopmental pediatrician Lisa Shulman wrote about the tough experience of telling parents their child has autism. The news is often life-altering. This week, Dr. Shulman shares how the attitudes and priorities of parents change over time. I am fortunate as a clinician to have the opportunity to follow long term Read More

Homeless person sitting at base of steps

Every Saturday morning, I see patients at the Bronx Transitions Clinic, which serves formerly incarcerated individuals. For most of my patients who are coming home from prison, acquiring stable housing and employment is a higher priority than managing their chronic illnesses. As a primary care physician, I may not be able to offer them jobs Read More

Doctor consults a young couple

Some things don’t get easier with time and experience. Telling parents that their young child has autism is one of those things. Even after nearly 25 years as a developmental pediatrician specializing in the early diagnosis of autism, sharing that news with a family remains one of the toughest tasks I face. A variety of Read More

High-speed trains in motion

I boarded the 8:30 Metro-North Railroad train home from Manhattan recently after leaving a medical meeting. It had been a long and productive day, but now I was searching for a mint in my pocketbook because I had a weird taste in my mouth. All I found was a lollipop. Just before the train left Read More

Handing baton from one person to another

Editors’ Note: An essay by Albert Einstein College of Medicine second-year medical student William Malouf, “Redefining Professionalism in an Era of Residency Work-Hour Limitations,” was recently named winner of the 2014 American Medical Association Journal of Ethics’ John Conley Ethics Essay Contest. The following is an excerpt adapted from the complete essay. The viewpoints expressed in Read More

People gathered around senior man blowing out a birthday cake

Is immortality possible? If it is, is it desirable? Those are some of the provocative questions Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Nir Barzilai, M.D., recently explored before a live audience. Dr. Barzilai, professor of medicine and of genetics, director of Einstein's Institute for Aging Research and an attending physician at Montefore Medical Center, spoke at a screening of the documentary Read More