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Still image from the film, Spying on Breast Cancer Metastasis

One of my favorite shows to watch as a kid was Bill Nye the Science Guy. I fondly recall being glued to the television as Bill enthusiastically explained the mysterious wonders of the universe with all of his props, gizmos and gadgets. Unlike science teachers at school, whose seemingly endless lectures bored me, Bill Nye’s Read More

Sunset on the Nile during Ramadan-crop

I am an Egyptian-American who grew up spending many summers in Egypt. For that reason, I welcomed the chance to work in at Abu El Reesh Hospital, Kasry Al Ainy School of Medicine, a public university hospital as part of the Global Health Fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine after my first year. Older Read More

Sleeping doctor

Commercial airline pilots are subject to strict rules about the number of consecutive hours they may be on duty, as well as the number of hours that must elapse between their sessions actively piloting planes. The reason, obviously, is to ensure the safety of airline passengers, because the physiological and psychological effects of sleep deprivation Read More

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020

United States law mandates that Dietary Guidelines for Americans, containing “nutritional information and guidelines for the general public,” be issued every five years. The 2015–2020 edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans was recently released, the eighth such set of guidelines published since this process began in 1980. Here’s hoping these are the last such governmental Read More


What excites a scientist’s brain? Is it the next big breakthrough experiment that will save humanity? Is it the approval of the R01 grant that will guarantee another few years of life in the laboratory? No. According to a recent study from the University of Lübeck, in Germany, what really tickles a scientist’s brain is Read More

Doctor's Tablet Wins PR Daily Best Nonprofit Blog 2015

Here at The Doctor’s Tablet we’ve been honored to present terrific blog posts by Einstein faculty, students and staff on a regular basis. It’s been a notable year for the blog – now in its fifth year – as it took home PR Daily’s 2015 Nonprofit PR award for best blog. In preparation for the year ahead Read More

mammogram being examined

Editors' Note:  Readers have indicated that this post on role of pathologists in the diagnosis of those seeking a second opinion has been one of our most popular from the last several months, so we're pleased to share it again. In recent months, widespread media coverage regarding second opinions for breast cancer diagnosis has sparked a Read More