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Doctor With Digital Tablet Talks To Woman In Hospital Bed

I came to medical school with a lot of guilt. My decision to attend Einstein, leaving behind a career as an elementary school special education teacher, made me feel selfish. I had abandoned my mission to participate in the education of my students in pursuit of my own future. This decision was even more loaded Read More

Toddler pointing while standing in playground

After 25 years as a developmental pediatrician, I think I have earned the right to claim a favorite developmental milestone. Certainly, the first smiles of a two- to three-month-old are quite special, the first signs of “life” so to speak. Of course, first steps and then the first words really grab the spotlight, warranting phone Read More

syringe being used to draw liquid from a vial

In June, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee overwhelmingly recommended approval of two new drugs for cholesterol lowering, alirocumab (brand name Praluent, manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis) and evolocumab (Repatha, manufactured by Amgen). A final FDA decision is still pending, but is expected to take into account the advisory committee’s recommendation and should come Read More

Strawberry protein drink/meal replacement

The typical dictionary definition of fasting is 1) to abstain from all foods or 2) to eat only sparingly or of certain kinds of food, especially as a religious observance. Few practice the former, at least not for any significant length of time. The second definition, however, has taken many forms, though in modern times Read More

African medical nurse talking to a senior patient

As I flip through the short stack of medical journals I’ve accumulated each week, I often ask myself whether the research studies I am reading would pass the “grandma test.” Could I explain these studies to my grandmother in a way she could understand? Would she think they were important? Physicians, patients­—all of us—are inundated Read More

Recording diabetes information in Uganda using a test strip

Editors’ Note: This summer, six students from Albert Einstein College of Medicine have traveled to Soroti, Uganda, to treat diabetes as part of Einstein’s Global Diabetes Institute (GDI). During this period, we will run a series of posts detailing their challenges and progress. In this post, second-year M.D. student Jeannie Tran shares her thoughts about Read More