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I recently visited Montgomery, Alabama, a city that is no stranger to historical moments, and walked through the new National Memorial for Peace and Justice created by the Equal Justice Initiative to honor lynching victims. I also visited the accompanying Legacy Museum, which documents human-rights abuses of black Americans from slavery to the present. The Read More

Salt poured against black background

An article recently published online in the journal Hypertension proposes a research study to help resolve the ongoing debate over the long-term benefits of a low-salt diet. The authors contend that this study would have to take place in a controlled environment, and conclude that the best prospect would be to conduct a randomized controlled Read More

Children looking at microscope at See, Test & Treat event at Montefiore

Pathologists have traditionally played a “behind-the-scenes” role in medical diagnosis and patient care. No longer. As 21st-century medicine continues along its trajectory of rapid change, we pathologists are becoming more-visible members of the healthcare team. We’re also coming out from behind the microscope, so to speak, and reaching out to the communities we serve. The Read More

coffee beans roasted,instant and ground coffee

Editors’ Note: The following blog post originally appeared on Forbes.com. The state of California is deliberating whether to list coffee as a carcinogen under its Prop 65 statute. This statute requires the posting of warnings alerting the public to the presence of carcinogenic and toxic substances in food, beverages, consumer products, and the environment. The warning being considered Read More

close up of elderly hands on each others forearms

Finding the fine line between respecting autonomy and abandoning those with dementia is a crucial task that deserves more attention.

Doctor (facing camera) listens to patient while holding her hand

As a doctor in the Bronx—home to nearly half a million immigrants, including an estimated 113,000 who are undocumented—I have followed much of the immigration-related news of the past year with alarm. The media has reported countless stories on the “Muslim ban,” more-aggressive deportation activity by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the legislative Read More