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Jacobi Medical Center

It was the fall of 1984 when I interviewed at Einstein to become a medical student. I can still remember the jitters I felt. I was the first person in my Puerto Rican family who was born in the U.S., the first to pursue a graduate degree, the first to attempt to become a physician Read More

In a recent blog post, I described a cultural shift involving the use of smartphones at Jacobi Medical Center, a large, acute-care hospital that’s part of New York City’s public hospital system. When research from an Einstein-Jacobi study demonstrated that smartphone use during inpatient attending rounds can lead to distraction, our hospital instituted a “smartphone Read More

Personal mobile technology is now everywhere in the medical environment. Walk through the hallways of any hospital in this country and you will likely see attendings, residents and medical students in all these settings engaging with their smartphones or tablets. Smartphones in particular have become an important instrument for today’s medical professional. Doctors can immediately Read More

Okay. Admit it. You check e-mails or post to Facebook or Twitter just before you hit the sack; read or play games on a digital device in bed; and probably even sleep with your smartphone so you don’t miss any texts. Being “always on, always available” has become the norm in the 24/7 digital world Read More

This post is part of a series developed in conjunction with the Career Advisory Program of Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Office of Student Affairs. I love my job. I am one of those lucky persons who truly enjoys his work after more than 15 years of practice. Recently, the National Match Day results showed Read More