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Outdoor Portrait Of Medical Team

There’s a quote attributed to Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Now in my fourth year at Einstein, I am inspired by this ideal to fight for healthcare reform, specifically a single-payer national healthcare program. Access and discrimination Today, a form of Read More

Freeway to Opportunity Road Sign

In a day, my classmates and I will graduate from Albert Einstein College of Medicine as physicians, charged with taking care of patients in residencies and building on the excellent clinical training we have received. It seems fitting at this pivotal moment to reflect on our intense, four-year experience. On the day of my Einstein Read More

Split image of doctor writing and scientist working with test tubes

It is often said during interviews of prospective M.D./Ph.D. candidates that a career as a physician-scientist allows one to translate the two languages of medicine and research. Now that I’m approaching graduation from the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, I’m able to reflect on the milestones I passed in Read More

Still image from the film, Spying on Breast Cancer Metastasis

One of my favorite shows to watch as a kid was Bill Nye the Science Guy. I fondly recall being glued to the television as Bill enthusiastically explained the mysterious wonders of the universe with all of his props, gizmos and gadgets. Unlike science teachers at school, whose seemingly endless lectures bored me, Bill Nye’s Read More

Sunset on the Nile during Ramadan-crop

I am an Egyptian-American who grew up spending many summers in Egypt. For that reason, I welcomed the chance to work at Abu El Reesh Hospital, KasrAlainy School of Medicine, a public university hospital as part of the Global Health Fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine after my first year. Older physicians at the Read More

Shoshana Weiner and her parents

Editors’ Note: The following essay by Albert Einstein College of Medicine second-year medical student Shoshana Weiner was first published in the journal Current Oncology. Curiosity and apprehension. I experience this tension as a young man ushers me through large daunting doors with “Authorized Personnel Only” posted in bold red letters. Inside, a massive machine dominates the Read More