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close up of elderly hands on each others forearms

Finding the fine line between respecting autonomy and abandoning those with dementia is a crucial task that deserves more attention.

Every person working in medicine has stories to tell, and sharing those stories is a great way to process grief or stress, celebrate triumphs, vent, move on or think more deeply. Occasionally, writing about an experience helps others facing a similar situation. True narratives of and reflections on medicine are now encouraged, honored, promoted—and sometimes required Read More

Doctor (facing camera) listens to patient while holding her hand

As a doctor in the Bronx—home to nearly half a million immigrants, including an estimated 113,000 who are undocumented—I have followed much of the immigration-related news of the past year with alarm. The media has reported countless stories on the “Muslim ban,” more-aggressive deportation activity by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the legislative Read More

Academius founders (right to left) Mohammod Arafat, Dinesh Rai, Kevin Fernandes and the author

Few ventures in life result in simultaneous, definitive outcomes; medical school is one of them. On Match Day, virtually every fourth-year medical student in the United States—myself included—will discover where we will embark on the most rigorous portion of our medical training. This important day fuels countless hours of anxious information-gathering from online forums, desperation-driven Read More

Shoshana Weiner at finish of 2017 NYC Marathon

Editors’ Note: The following post by Albert Einstein College of Medicine fourth-year medical student Shoshana Weiner was first published in the blog, Reflective MedEd. “4 ounces water every mile, half an electrolyte ‘gu’ pack over 2.5 miles, ¼ energy bar every 6 miles”—AKA how did you manage training for a marathon while in medical school?  The simple Read More

Medical school for those of us from underserved communities can seem like an impossible dream. I was fortunate to get here through a large and varied support network―starting with my grandmother, and leading to my mentors today. I hope my story holds valuable lessons for premed students looking for a route to their dreams. My Read More